If the heating and/or air conditioning systems, and associated components, appear to have been replaced or upgraded, since October 2005, Title 24 California Building Code provisions require that new HVAC systems installed in established climate zones may be subject to mandatory duct sealing requirements. Duct testing is strongly recommended when a new heating or cooling unit is being installed. If the existing duct system is leaky and inefficient BEFORE the new unit is installed, it will still be leaky and inefficient AFTER the new unit is installed, unless the ducts are tested and sealed by a qualified contractor. Always consult with the current Owner and consult with the local Building Department regarding the permit history for this installation. These pictures are from a replacement heating/air system installation, manufactured in 2006, that had obvious related defects with the systems components. This is a clear indication that permits were not pulled for this installation. Any event (fire) that involves these systems may result in denied insurance claims.